Please help get my son’s school class get a van

Today I have a somewhat unusual request to you: I need your vote to help get my son’s school class get a van. Let me explain. My son attends a local Montessori school in Ettenheim (Freiburg area in Germany). A local bank is doing a contest for all sorts of local associations to win a van (actually, 8 of them). All of the participating associations are asked to make a short video clip that shows why they need one. And since my son’s school class could really use such a van as sort of school bus or general purpose transportation tool, they made a short video clip. The video clip was made by the students themselves, and I think it turned out really great. The selection of the winners goes in 3 phases: there were 80 participating associations, in the first round 50 were selected by voting (we already passed that), in the next round the top 25 of those 50 are selected by voting again (that’s what I’m gonna ask you about) and finally, 8 of those 25 are selected by a jury. We need to get into that last round now. What can you do? Simply follow this link and click on the star. No registration required. You only need to fill in a captcha and copy+paste some crap in order to prove that you’re human. If you do this: THANK YOU! It’s a great help!

Update: If you already voted yesterday, you can vote again (everybody can vote once per day, up to July 8th)!


One Response to Please help get my son’s school class get a van

  1. glegris says:

    done 😉

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