Journey Through The Past

During the last couple of days, Madeleine and I dedicated for a little adventure, which was to clean up our attic. And what a great journey it’s been. I met old friends that I haven’t seen in ages. I have met dreams that never came true. And things that came true, that I would never have dared to dream of. I met some ghosts of the past. I remembered smells and sounds that I thought long forgotten. Lots and lots of memories of nice people that I have met on my way. I have seen love that’s long gone, and love that somehow never happened. And we cleaned up lots of garbage and dirt. Oh boy, loads of garbage and dirt.

The above pictures were made in April 1999. A friend of mine made this picture during a short trip to the Baltic Sea. This was just days before my life would change forever. It was a very happy time. A few days later I would meet Madeleine for the first time. Had I known what sort of adventure I was heading into… I would do all of it again šŸ™‚ She turned my life upside down, a few months later I would move in with her in Freiburg, say goodbye to many of my old friends for the last time (many of them I never met again), and it’s been my best decision ever.


About Roman Kennke
JVM Hacker, Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat's OpenJDK team, Shenandoah GC project lead, Java Champion

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