Thermostat CLI

The last weeks I’ve been working on a command line interface (CLI) for Thermostat. Now the first bunch of commands are available. It’s not much yet, but the groundwork for the really useful ones is laid:

Command line interface for Thermostat

3 Commands can be seen in the above screenshot:

  • thermostat service --start (to start the thermostat agent and storage)
  • thermostat list-vms (to list the currently monitored VMs)
  • thermostat help (to print out a list of available commands and get usage information

This command line interface will make Theromstat useful in settings where the already available Swing GUI is not feasible, like when running over SSH connections on a remote machine, or for automated/scripted monitoring.

Next step will be to add some really useful commands, like getting some actual statistics and analysis about the monitored VMs, find memory leaks, deadlocks, and so on.


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