Red Hat, week 4

Oh my, how time flies, just a few days ago I joined Red Hat, and suddenly the 4th week is already almost over.

And what an amazing 4 weeks that have been.

  • I started out by helping with the IcedTea security release.
  • More or less at the same time I jumped into the cool project that is Thermostat. With Thermostat, we want to develop the most sophisticated and useful monitoring solution for OpenJDK. My collegues Omair and Jon presented a first prototype at FOSDEM. Too bad I couldn’t make it this year. 😦 I hope I find the time to blog more about Thermostat soon.
  • Driven by some of Thermostat’s requirements, I became a Fedora packager. My first package in Fedora is mockito, and more will likely follow.

Overall, I am excited about my work like I haven’t been for a long time. The work athmosphere is really energizing.

I recently found those thoughs about my work place (I am lucky to be able to work from home) that hit it on the nail 😉 :