Red Hat

Just like my good friend Mario, I will join Red Hat, starting from February, 1st. It seems like we only come in pairs, like Laurel & Hardy. I just can’t decide who would be Laurel and who would be Hardy 🙂 The thing about us is that we don’t just add up. We amplify each other.

I am very excited about this, Red Hat is about the best company I can imagine working for. They stand for all the values that I stand for myself. Let me also document this important step in my life with a picture:

Roman joining Red Hat

Life after JP Morgan

By the end of November 2011 my contract with JP Morgan ended after 17 months. In many ways it was an interesting but difficult time. I could learn a lot of interesting (and not so interesting) things. Unfortunately, not so much technical stuff that I would have liked (I didn’t really expect that), but about how (really) big corporations work (I think they copy from, about software engineering processes and banking stuff. It was quite difficult for me and my family though, I needed to commute from south-west Germany to south-west Switzerland every second week, which was quite a struggle for all of us. I am happy that this is over now.

I took some free time to spend with my family for most of December, and now want to start through with cool new stuff. I am still not 100% sure which way to go. I am currently spending time to work on CacioWeb and want to turn it into a great product for LadyBug. We have some interested customers and could get some funding, so this is an obvious thing to do for the short term. We also have a bunch of other cool ideas in the pipeline. I am not sure if it can provide enough safe income for the long run to feed my family though, which is why I am also currently looking for an employment position in a nice company (if you happen to know a good one – here’s my CV – , let me know!).

To me that’s an exciting start into the new year. It will be interesting to see what will have happened one year from now 🙂