Cacioweb demo

Extending a little bit on Mario’s explanations, I installed a live demo of the cacio-web. Following this link will open up a simple Java Notepad (the one included as demo in OpenJDK) in your browser, without utilizing any browser plugin, in other words, only using HTML and JavaScript on the client end. The actual JVM is running on the server. Notice that the file operations and System.exit() are blocked by the security manager, otherwise you would be able to mess with my server 🙂

Link to Notepad demo

The above should run in most modern browsers, including iPad and several phone browsers. Have fun!


Run Java anywhere – without Java

Today Mario, Clemens and me finished a nice prototype of a Java2Demo running on an iPad:

Java on iPad

and an Android phone:

Java on Android

but infact it can run almost anywhere, even without having Java installed 🙂

Java2D on Cacio/DirectFB

After about 3 evenings of intense hacking (and many many evenings of slacking) the first signs of life of OpenJDK7+Cacio on top of DirectFB:

And surprisingly it’s even quite fast (sunjectively), even though there is no optimizations done yet. Next step: implement basic event support.