JDK7 and Cacio coolness

Today JDK7 GA has been announced. Great news, big congrats to everybody involved!

Besides all the goodies mentioned/linked above, what makes me proud is that this release includes all the refactoring and enhancements that Mario and myself originally made for the Caciocavallo/OpenJDK challenge project. Most notably the FontManager refactoring and some little smaller things in the UI stack, that makes porting the Java UI stack much more easy. Infact, this is the first release with which you can run the Caciocavallo framework without any patching, bootclasspath tricks and whatnot, simply as an external library. This means you can run Java on a different graphics stack than X11 or DirectX simply by plugging in an external library and setting some system properties.

And because it is so much fun, and to get myself back in the mood of it, I recently started implementing a DirectFB backend for Cacio. Using this, it will be possible to run JDK7 with a graphics stack(java2D/AWT/Swing) on top of DirectFB instead of X11. Just today I got the first tiny little pieces running, but it’s too early to post screenshots 😉 In the meantime, Clemens Eisserer does much cooler things using Cacio, that is Cacio-Web. Rendering Java2D/AWT/Swing directly from a webserver(running Java) to a browser (running JavaScript), imagine that! Pure awesomeness! Check it out!


I decided to get my brain juices going again. The masterplan to accomplish this is this:

  • Implement a DirectFB backend for Cacio (and thereby for the JDK). Maybe fix the SDL backend.
  • Solve programming puzzles in job interviews.
  • Catch up and get involved again in OpenJDK.