One year at Sun (Oracle)

Today marks my first anniversary at Sun/Oracle. Last year at this time I arrived in Santa Clara, then came JavaOne, then came 2 weeks with my new team at the east coast and then came a really cool year working in the deployment team (great people). Lots of things happened, in October Selma (my 3rd child) was born, in January the Sun/Oracle deal was finally approved, some weeks ago we had a pretty bad security issue, etc etc. In Germany, Sun is still Sun (officially) … and I won’t be experiencing Oracle anymore (although I am already experiencing Oracle indirectly through my US collegues). Today I resigned my position at Sun and starting in July I will join David to work at JP Morgan in Geneva. Sun was a great time and I wish it had lasted longer, but life has different plans with me 😉


5 Responses to One year at Sun (Oracle)

  1. Mario Torre says:

    Congratulation Roman, I know everywhere you go you’re going to bring good things and experiences.

    I’m sure this will not stop us from working together on Java!

  2. Hey!

    I hope you’ll enjoy banking tech, I sure do. I’ve not worked for JP, nor have I spent more than a few hours in Geneva, but I think that the experience is pretty much the same the world over providing that your team is good…



  3. All the best for the new gig!

  4. Dmitri Trembovetski says:

    Good luck at your new job!


  5. Paul Charles Leddy says:

    yes! everyone quit oracle

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