Beatles Review: Beatles For Sale

Has been a while since I posted my last review about A Hard Day’s Night. Oh well, there have been some hiccups lately. Anyway, let’s have a look at The Beatles’ next album, Beatles For Sale. It’s been their fourth album in less than 2 years! Imagine that! Today’s groups manage to produce one album every three years or so. And mostly disappear in between, while The Beatles were constantly present in media, TV shows, radio shows, concert tours, etc. I find this pretty unbelievable in hindsight. I must say that all the activities and hectic show business seem to start showing in this album. It has been hastiliy recorded as a christmas album. Where the previous album was a huge leap forward for the Beatles, this album is one step forward and one step backwards in my opinion. One step forward in that the compositions of The Beatles are a bit more sophisticated (listen Eight Days A Week) and adding a new slightly negative twist in their lyrics (well, this is mostly John Lennon) for example, ‘I’m A Loser’, predating Beck’s ‘Loser’ by 30 years. But one step back for falling into the old pattern of mixing 6 cover versions in between their own songs. Not a bad thing mind you, Rock’n’Roll cover versions by The Beatles are still a safe bet for a party, but they proved they could do better. Actually I find this album pretty cool. If you leave away the high expectations that A Hard Day’s Night might have left, it’s still a pretty solid party album with loads of fun by the musicians. I once read something along the lines that this album probably started a whole lot of garage bands by giving them a license to ‘plug in and have some great fun’, which I think is perfectly true.

I need to be a little short today, but please fill in anything I might have left as well as your opinion about the album in the comments. I had some good fun listening Beatles For Sale today, next time I will have a short look and listen at the Help! album.


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