Goodbye Google

Google has been on my list of things to stop doing for a while now, due to their notorious information greed. I find their latest actions and comments reason enough to look for others, and while I also like nice backgrounds, I’d also like to support something Good (TM), and so here I go with a search engine that protects the rainforest. And yes, it has a nice background image too 😉 Oh, and while I’m it, I stopped this stupid Google adsense advertising on my blog too, didn’t really bring any money (it’s your fault, adblock-using visitor! 😉 )

Please leave a comment if you have other useful suggestions for alternative search engines!

About Roman Kennke
JVM Hacker, Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat's OpenJDK team, Shenandoah GC project lead, Java Champion

13 Responses to Goodbye Google

  1. Mario Torre says:

    Cool! Let’s do it!

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  3. afsina says:

    silly reasoning. privacy in internet does not exist. get over it.

    • Roman Kennke says:

      What is silly about my reasoning? I know that privacy ‘does not exist’, but the world is not as black and white as your statement implies. For example, this eco search engine uses Bing and Yahoo in the back, and I’m sure they are collecting plenty of data as well. I am aware of this. Problem is when a monopoly like Google does it, and penetrates more and more corners of the net to collect ever more information about their target audience, Youtube, Docs, GMail, Picasa, Chrome, Maps, Earth etc etc etc, are only there to get more of your information. I think I can do relatively well informed decisions about which services I use and which not, and Google is going more and more into the not corner. There is nothing silly about using my freedom of choice…

  4. I use Scroogle’s SSL search in Firefox. No ads, no cookies, no nonsense & SSL.

  5. Clemens Eisserer says:

    Thanks for the link to the search-engine … pretty cool 🙂

  6. afsina says:

    my message did not go..

    long story short, That web page’s claims are bogus, and is just a Microsoft publicity stunt..

    • Roman Kennke says:

      That’s a possibility that I consider, and it’s not even unlikely. Microsoft surely is a badass company. But do you think Google is any better? I don’t think so. And considering they pretty much own the search market, I wouldn’t trust them one bit more than MS. That said, the best thing you can do for your privacy is using a cookie mixing search proxy like scroogle. The best things you can do about the environment probably don’t have much to do with internet search anyway.. 😉

      • afsina says:

        google is an advertisement company. and they provide free services to everybody to make them , themselves their paying customers happy. i think it is a perfect business plan. MS is a license selling monopoly who wants to push their agenda at any cost. i will get a dose of google any day.

  7. Seo Sanghyeon says:

    Joey Hess decided the same, and even has some recommendations.

  8. nomad says:

    Happy to hear about your misfortune with Google adsense.

    My ad blockers work nicely and I never see any of those stupid ass ads ha ha ha ha. It’s good you removed them.

    I like millions of others on the internet have taken to an ad free way of life and now I never see any advertisements or marketing images.

    So really all that money and effort to those useless things are for nothing.

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