Oracle, MySQL and Google

No, there is no relation between the Oracle/MySQL debate and Google, it’s just that these two things have been on my mind a lot lately and I originally wanted to write something about it. But there are already good discussions about these topics that pretty much express my thoughts and feelings and I’m lazy today: Luis Villa about Google and Dave Neary about the Oracle/MySQL debate.

Update: Seems like Europe is finally approving the deal, yay!

Goodbye Google

Google has been on my list of things to stop doing for a while now, due to their notorious information greed. I find their latest actions and comments reason enough to look for others, and while I also like nice backgrounds, I’d also like to support something Good (TM), and so here I go with a search engine that protects the rainforest. And yes, it has a nice background image too 😉 Oh, and while I’m it, I stopped this stupid Google adsense advertising on my blog too, didn’t really bring any money (it’s your fault, adblock-using visitor! 😉 )

Please leave a comment if you have other useful suggestions for alternative search engines!