Twisted logic

I sent an email to a hotel where I stayed asking if they could send me a confirmation that the charges did not include breakfast, as this is required for correct reimbursement. Now I got this reply:

I would love to be able to send something saying Breakfast was not included but we don’t offer a breakfast so I am not able to print anything out saying we do not offer breakfast.  XXXXX do not offer a breakfast in the morning.

Does that mean yes or no? Or FileNotFound? 😉


4 Responses to Twisted logic

  1. UnsupportedBreakfastException?

    WIth no argument taking common sense, which has been thrown out the window without unwinding any stacks, because the hotel doesn’t offer stacks either?




  2. Dave Gilbert says:

    You stayed at a hotel that doesn’t serve breakfast? That is so wrong!

  3. DDD says:

    It means that you should not expect great things when you arrive 🙂

  4. Andy Tripp says:

    Pretty funny! I guess it’s a bit like asking him to verify that the Breakfast.isIncluded() method always returns false, and he comes back and says there is no Breakfast class. And of course there’s nothing “preprinted” that he could print out that says so.

    Kind of reminds me of some of this test-driven-development stuff where someone first develops a test for the code he hasn’t written yet, and actually runs it, and it of course fails, and the so test passes. Pure lunacy.

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