Twisted logic

I sent an email to a hotel where I stayed asking if they could send me a confirmation that the charges did not include breakfast, as this is required for correct reimbursement. Now I got this reply:

I would love to be able to send something saying Breakfast was not included but we don’t offer a breakfast so I am not able to print anything out saying we do not offer breakfast.  XXXXX do not offer a breakfast in the morning.

Does that mean yes or no? Or FileNotFound? 😉

Enjoying life

I recovered quite well from last week’s crisis. Turns out that having misleaded expectations about yourself can be quite depressing. Instead of looking after what inspired me in the past, it is much more constructive to find what inspires me now and in the future. Funnily I really enjoy doing server stuff at the moment 🙂 Who would have thought that? Another factor was that a lot of stressful stuff was coming together last week, I needed to find ways to deal with these things… Anyway, what I wanted to get over is that I really enjoy life today.

Unrelated, but I just pushed my first 2 JNLP API additions into JDK6. As the cool guys say: YAY!

How to implement simple job queue on Linux/Unix

Dear lazyweb:

I need a simple job queue. I would like to have a system _similar_ to the ‘at’ command, with the difference that it does not execute the job at a specific time, but queues jobs into a queue, and executes one after the other. Even though ‘man at’ says it uses queues, they are not behaving like queues. It should be almost a nobrainer to implement, but I feel there should be a Unix command to do just that. Any ideas?