This post kills 99% of all germans

Really. This was what I read first on one of these bottles that are everywhere in the US. I can’t tell you how scared I was! Of course, it was ‘germs’ not ‘germans’, but the first impression spoiled it for me.

Not only was I surprised by the fact that these bottles are everywhere, but also that people actually make use of it! How scared must people be? I even saw quite a couple of people wearing mouth protection, I guess they are quite scared by those pesky little bacterias 😉

I have my doubts that these sanitizers do anything useful. Sure, they kill some germans (ups), but imagine how many people touch these bottles. And they _first_ touch it, and _then_ kill some germans (sorry, can’t resist this running joke now anymore…). So all the bacteria are collected on the outside of the bottle, and they don’t get killed. SCARY!

I believe people generally totally over-panic about these kind of things. The latest hype beeing the swine flu thingy. I believe that this is just a big marketing bubble of the pharma industry. You see, it’s easy. This industry would have quite a significant loss last year. So what? Let’s invent a cool new flu and do some (scary) studies, let the media pick that up (no need to manipulate them, they pick up bad news willingly enough). Now sit back and watch how that virus (the media hype, not the real thing) spreads until people are scared enough. You see, there are some dead here and there. Ok, some other things are involved as well, but who cares? Dead is dead, right? Still, politicians seem a bit relaxed still. Let the WHO declare it a pandemic (eh what?? pandemic like this thing that wipes out whole areas like the pest?). Now those politicians need to move, otherwise the (very scared) people will not elect them anymore next time. So a couple of countries preorder vaccines for whole populations (!!!) for billions of $$$. ZAZING! Profit! $$$ Easy, right? Funnily, from this point on the media were not overly interested in this swine flu thingy anymore.

If you look at the facts, the thing looks like one of the most harmless virus you can think of, at least in the context of other virii. In germany we now have something between 2000-3000 infected, with some hundreds more the last couple of days. I have no idea how many ‘normal’ flu infections we have, but I guess we talk about >100000, maybe many more, with growth rates in the 1000s not 100s. Almost all the H1N1 infections are totally harmless, are treated with the standard paracetamol and stuff, and don’t do any more harm than any other flu. Sure, there were a couple of deads, but most of them had other diseases too, and it’s not clear if dead could be connected to the flu. Compare that to the 80000 or so deads from normal flu every year.

I say: the chance to die from stinging bees is much higher than to die from swine flu. People, those pesky bees are EVERYWHERE. DON’T GO OUTSIDE. Ah, and if you need to, I have a nice thing to sell you, that protects you from bees. Only 30$/package. Lasts a whole month, so only 1$/day!!!

Let me make a prediction. Next year or maybe in 2 years, we will see another kind of superdangerous pandemic flu. And we will see the same pattern all over again. And in the end, those governments will sit on mountains of unused vaccines. And then??


6 Responses to This post kills 996 of all germans

  1. Mario Torre says:

    This is a double issue I think. The very first start of the flu (and they were already talking about declaring it pandemic back then 🙂 has probably a mix of political and broken-industrial-farming, which is always behind this kind of thing (and I say without pretending that things changes anymore, they will never change sadly).

    I read that the Mexican government approved a couple of nasty laws (one about drugs and one about Internet control) using the fact that people public opinion was sort of sleepy because of this massive pig-flu business. Of course, I don’t know what’s the truth here but I know that this happens quite a lot, in Italy it’s pretty common too, and recent affair like this hype about B. being the new Latin Lover hero is an example (they are pushing all sort of crap laws because people talks only about this stuff and doesn’t focus on the real things anymore).

    Add to this the business itself, that means that the whole flu fluff (nice 🙂 will make lots of money for those big pharma industries, you get a complete picture.

    I add something more scaring than your bee stuff (which in the States *is not* a joke, like you realise if you watch Bowling a Columbine!).

    I was told that currently in Italy we got about 40 degrees those days 🙂 and this is probably due to global warming. Now, not sure about the correct numbers, but I remember something like every year in Europe 80.000 people die because of this reason, and 40.000 only in Italy! That’s way more than this pig flu thingy!!

  2. roman says:

    Uh oh! Let’s stay in bed, it’s the only safe thing to do! Or better, don’t start with this whole life-thingy, it’s just DANGEROUS! If you start living, you have a pretty high chance to DIE!! OMG!

  3. Mario Torre says:

    I agree! We should die before die!

  4. Mario Torre says:

    Ah! And you know that working is harmful too, right? 😀

  5. I cannot post this comment. I was killed by a bird flu last year…

    Sorry – I shouldn’t laught at cause of death of people – but death happens and we should not concentrate on causes which have little probability.

  6. Yeroc says:

    When I see those bottles that claim to kill 99% (or even 99.9%) of all bacteria I always think to myself: What about that 1% that survives? They must be really tough bacteria and now the only other bacteria they have left to breed with is other really tough bacteria… Wonder what their offspring will be like?


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