Java is a Doom Trojan Horse

At least according to Symantec.

I want to make a screenshot, but I don’t know how to do this in Windows XP. I probably need the Ultimate Edition or so. God, this crappy OS doesn’t even have the most basic functionality, or it hides it so well that nobody finds it. No, the print key doesn’t work.

Folks, I really gave this OS another serious chance. Actually I was more or less forced to, due to my new job and new hardware and lack of Linux install CDs for 2 weeks in the US. But it so gets in the way of everything and is generally so unusable, I think I really do the same update that David Gilbert (*) mentioned in the article above.

Interesting side detail: I tried a couple of games in Windows that I tried in Wine before, it must be said that nowadays almost all games I would want to play work perfect in Wine (Heroes series, Starcraft, Baldur’s Gate, Settlers series), some show the same buggy behaviour in Windows as in Wine (SimCity4) and some others actually work better in Wine (!!), namely Settlers IV and Baldur’s Gate I. As far as I found out it’s a bug in the NVidia driver not supporting DirectDraw properly.

* David, is that you: ? 😉

Update: Ok, thanks to Robert I managed to make the print key work. Here is the screenshot:

Java Doom Trojan Horse


10 Responses to Java is a Doom Trojan Horse

  1. Robert says:

    MS has to make everything complex. on XP when you press printscreen, the screenshot is cipied to the clipboard, then you have to paste it on any image editor (like paint) and save it. I have been told that Vista is innovative and it ask you to save the file automatically, but I have it on my laptop with Fedora installed just in case of emergency (I really only boot to Windows to apply updates when I am bored) so I have not tested it

  2. Mario Torre says:

    “I really only boot to Windows to apply updates when I am bored” 🙂

  3. Sam says:

    Sorry, but are you severely handicapped, or did you just quick start your IT career only a few weeks ago?

    In which case I could understand that you have troubles taking a screenshot. In the negative, I’d have to think you have issues.

    Seriously: XP (or any Windows system for that matter) is not the only system on earth that sends the picture to a clipboard or buffer of some kind and requires you to do manually capture it later with an additional program.

    Give up the anti-Microsoft rant, stop playing video-games, and take an introductory information systems course at your local university to learn how to use basic controls.

    That was just a plain sad blog post…

  4. Sam says:

    Sorry, I didn’t have my morning coffee. Whatever. I guess we come from different backgrounds, who knows, if you’re used to some different behavior, I guess it can be a shock even after such a long period of time working in the field.

    Still a bit amazed though. From all the things one could rant about against Windows (and I grant that there are lots), it’s the very first time I see someone rant about the print screen behavior… That caught me off guard.

  5. Dave Gilbert says:

    @Roman: that Wikipedia entry needs updating to say how I write open source Java code from my cell. I’ll do that now!

    @Sam: ease up a little, what does it matter? Plus, I bet you’d like Roman if you met him.

  6. Roman Kennke says:

    @Sam: I’m not an IT newbie, infact I worked with Windows many years ago (Windows 95 and 98 time) and at some point switched over to Linux 100%, and didn’t look back. I agree that a lot of ‘usability’ aspects have to do with what you learned, what you expect, etc. The screenshot functionality is really only the tip of the iceberg, and is infact a really not very important but yet another little annoyance. Windows is full of these little annoying things where you have to do 5 clicks instead of 1 that would be necessary. I could go on count the things that annoy me of Windows if you like, the most important ones beeing the need to have gazillion little apps running only for updating random software (and installing all kind of additional crap that I don’t want..), the need to search around the net to collect all the software and drivers you need to properly use the computer (PDF, Zip, …), the need to run all kind of security software that drag down the computer, the regular crashing of programs, etc etc.

  7. Mario Torre says:

    Screenshots are the most important functionality of the OS for us, otherwise how the hell we can show to people about cacio??? 🙂

    Roman, get a course in IT!!

  8. @Sam: Like Dave, I think your comment was a bit harsh. It’s hardly the most intuitive behaviour and could easily be improved by a simple application being provided. It could be fired up using the PrtScr key as a shortcut key for more experienced users.

    I think this blog is a breath of fresh air and provides a perspective from the other side for once. I’ve read numerous blogs, forum posts, etc. of long-term Windows users trying out a GNU/Linux system for the first time and then whining about everything doesn’t work exactly the same. Sometimes it’s because the way they are used to was a bad design decision to begin with. In other cases, it’s just not applicable. It’s easy to become entrenched in Windows and its nuances and forget that such things aren’t as easy as you think. Roman certainly isn’t a newbie, but do you really think one would see the logic in creating a screenshot in such a complicated way? Hopefully one may stumble across this blog and be thankful that someone bothered to document this.

    FWIW, I recall Macs have both a fairly obscure shortcut that at least saves the image rather than copying it to the clipboard and an application. On GNU/Linux, there are various tools. I’m not aware of any (or at least can’t think of them right now) other systems that do this copying behaviour, so would be interested to know what they are.

    @Roman: thanks for at least turning off the default Teletubbies theme for your screenshot. It always annoys me when people post a screenshot dominated by an inch-thick titlebar, especially when this is shrunk down in an academic paper and the title bar is all you can make out!

  9. Lillian says:

    I am not getting involved in this Windows discussion. I hate it too. That’s all.

    @Roman: You probably actually have an infected java.exe. Maybe worth doing a full clean-up 😦 Good post, made me laugh.

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