Things that happen, happen

Short summary of happened and happening things:

  • JavaOne2009: Great. Lots of faces to finally put on email addresses, IRC nicknames, etc.
  • San Francisco: Great. Includes previous point. Plus: Seafood (oh my!). Extremely poor vs. extremely rich people. Lots of things that I almost got done, but not quite. Some photos.
  • Cacio: Great: Of course. BOF went good, but attendence was low. Should have invited all the audience for beer instead. Seems we are not that famous after all 😉 Many small things improved before, during and after JavaOne.
  • East Coast: Great. New job. Setting up stuff. Not much real work so far. Couple of interesting dinners and philosophic chats with new boss. And Terminator.
  • Neil Young Archives: Great! First seen at JavaOne (yay). Seen again in record store. Could not resist. Must watch trailer.
  • FontManager: Still trying to set a record for pushing the largest patch ever into OpenJDK 😉 Round 5.
  • Family: Not great. Miss them quite badly. 3 more days to go…

About Roman Kennke
JVM Hacker, Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat's OpenJDK team, Shenandoah GC project lead, Java Champion

3 Responses to Things that happen, happen

  1. Mario Torre says:

    Will be nice to be at home again and meeting again someone that you really deeply miss is a wonderful experience that more or less makes up everything of that thing that we call life.

    Btw, next time we should really bring again a real Cacio and some wine/beer 🙂

  2. Dave Gilbert says:

    Mario is not as extremely rich as you think, and I am not so extremely poor. Oh, you were talking about other people!

    Have a good trip home. You should have seen the look on my three year old’s face when I got off the train. I couldn’t believe he was so pleased to see me…until I realised he was looking at the train saying “wow, a train, a train”!

  3. @Roman: I think you may have a competitor for largest patch, as Gary should shortly be submitting Zero…

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