I’m happy

Today the flights and hotels have finally been booked. Man, that was an oddysee. Seems like nothing that I do is easy and straightforward. Except maybe Java2D pipelines. (If you think Java2D pipelines are NOT easy and straightforward, you should see the other things that I do.. ;-).) Thanks to everybody involved! Have been quite a lot of people. Probably half of Sun knows me by now. 😉 I will arrive in San Francisco on May, 31st, and stay in Whitcomb hotel until saturday, so if anybody wants to meet me there, just ping somehow or come to our Cacio BOF on tuesday. Man, I am so excited! This is my first trip to the US, and actually, is my first flight ever! I guess San Francisco is a nice destination for a first-US and first-flight!

In other news, Mario has implemented an SDL backend for Cacio, in more or less one day, YAY! This is so cool. The best thing is, it should work on Linux, Windows, and a couple of other targets as well. And of course, it will be included in Cacio, next to my shiny new X11 backend. Cacio FTW!

And in even other news (<- now that was pretty smart, eh??), I did a basic implementation of the CacioScrollPanePeer, something I always thought impossible. But thanks to our latest tricks, it was fairly easy instead.


4 Responses to I’m happy

  1. Mario Torre says:

    We will enjoy it, and don’t worry for the flight!

    And, btw, It has been an honour to work with you these years, my friend.

  2. Dave Gilbert says:

    Hey Roman,

    I’ve had the good fortune to have travelled to many countries (>30), and I’ve made several trips to the USA. Let me tell you that, in all that travel, the three worst experiences I have had at immigration control were all on entering the USA. Once you are through, though, the USA is nice. I’ll see you there if they let me in again!

  3. Rogan Dawes says:

    One thing that might be interesting (if you have spare cycles after everything is working!) would be to port to GGI (Generalised Graphics Interface http://www.ggi-project.org).

    Since GGI is portable to a number of different platforms, and provides a number of backends such as SDL, FBDEV, etc, that might provide a shortcut to getting your project running on a lot of targets.

    Very interesting. Good luck!

  4. Mario Torre says:

    A very cool project, indeed.

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