Cacio on X11

The last couple of ours I quickly hacked together a small xlib based backend for Caciocavallo. It’s only purpose is to have a real example of a working Cacio backend (so far we only had the Escher example, but I guess it’s been broken now for a long time, and it was never really easy to work with). This can be compiled and used with plain OpenJDK7.

Cacio on X11

Cacio can now actually do much more than this simple button list, but I don’t have an appropriate demo at hands, except some closed stuff that I’m not allowed to show…

Ah, and right now it’s ungodly slow, doesn’t handle any events etc. It’s just the first signs of life from this implementation.


One Response to Cacio on X11

  1. Clemens Eisserer says:

    Don’t know how useful the XRender pipeline rewrite could be, hope to get something useful out soon.

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