Into the Sun

I just signed the contract. Start on June, 1st. Yippie! There was a lot of magic involved in the process and I’d like to thank Andrea Simon, the nice recruiting lady who worked so hard to make this happen, Gustavo Galimberti, my future boss who called me countless times to keep me updated, Mario, Dalibor and Mark for talking and giving advice and of course everybody else who worked behind the curtains (I heard quite a lot of people were involved in this).

Hope to see you at JavaOne, our Cacio BOF is on monday, 8:30pm.


15 Responses to Into the Sun

  1. shamaz says:

    congratulation !

  2. Congratulations, and welcome!

  3. Igor Kushnirskiy says:

    congratulations !

  4. Mario Torre says:


  5. Dude! You did it. Wow. Go kick some ass!

  6. Patrick Wright says:

    Wow. Very cool. Big congratulations, and good luck with the gig!

  7. Clemens Eisserer says:


  8. Josh Marinacci says:


  9. I like that blog title 🙂 Welcome!

  10. Dave Gilbert says:

    Good job! Congratulations to you, and to Sun for making a good choice!

  11. Welcome! Look forward to seeing you @ J1.

  12. Dmitri Trembovetski says:

    Awesome! I hope you’ll spare some time to work on 2D things as well =)

  13. Artem Ananiev says:

    And other client Java areas like AWT and Swing as well 🙂 See you at J1

  14. Duke Ellison - the new Java-masquot says:

    Oracle will fire you.

  15. roman says:

    @Everybody: thanks alot!
    @Dmitri: sure I will. I should thank you too, because you started this whole process
    @Duke: I don’t care. In this case it’ll give a nice solar flare 🙂

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