Cacio and the TCK

Andrei gets things rolling.

Cacio Menus

Today I added support for menus to Cacio:

This was the last missing widget. The remaining tasks for Cacio are now:

  • Finetuning (event handling, painting, etc)
  • Performance (yeah yeah)
  • Get TCK and see if it’s compatible
  • Profit! (Ooops)

.. ah and of course go to JavaOne and have a great time 🙂

I’m happy

Today the flights and hotels have finally been booked. Man, that was an oddysee. Seems like nothing that I do is easy and straightforward. Except maybe Java2D pipelines. (If you think Java2D pipelines are NOT easy and straightforward, you should see the other things that I do.. ;-).) Thanks to everybody involved! Have been quite a lot of people. Probably half of Sun knows me by now. 😉 I will arrive in San Francisco on May, 31st, and stay in Whitcomb hotel until saturday, so if anybody wants to meet me there, just ping somehow or come to our Cacio BOF on tuesday. Man, I am so excited! This is my first trip to the US, and actually, is my first flight ever! I guess San Francisco is a nice destination for a first-US and first-flight!

In other news, Mario has implemented an SDL backend for Cacio, in more or less one day, YAY! This is so cool. The best thing is, it should work on Linux, Windows, and a couple of other targets as well. And of course, it will be included in Cacio, next to my shiny new X11 backend. Cacio FTW!

And in even other news (<- now that was pretty smart, eh??), I did a basic implementation of the CacioScrollPanePeer, something I always thought impossible. But thanks to our latest tricks, it was fairly easy instead.

Cacio vs. default AWT

Today is screenshot day. So here comes the first signs of life of Mario’s AWT demo:

Compare to how the default Linux AWT looks like:

Cacio with Nimbus screenies

Here are two more screenshots of Cacio with Nimbus. The screenshots are from a (not yet opened) AWT test that Andrei sent me, so no source code, but screenshots. (Mario is working on a much cooler and free AWT demo…) The first one is an AWT TextArea with scrollers (yay) showing the instructions:

The second one are some AWT Checkboxes, that can also act as radio buttons, and an AWT List with scroller:

Who said that AWT is ugly??

Cacio + Nimbus = Love

So today we made nice progress:

Cacio with Nimbus

This is an AWT TextArea, shown using the (Swing) Nimbus L&F. Yay. Ok, granted, it has glitches, but I wanted to get the screenie out before going to bed. Will fix this tomorrow. Ah, and I solved my performance problems too. Actually, before solving them, there were no glitches, so: performance++, appearance–. 🙂


I just created an account on twitter:, let’s see if it’s cool or not. Seems to be all the rage these days…