Caciocavallo Docs

When hacking, you sometimes forget the obvious things. Like people going to your project page and seeing completely outdated information. I started updating the Cacio docs, and will add more in the next couple of days. They are now located here. The new API docs are here. Ah! I noticed that the Caciocavallo peer framework now builds with latest OpenJDK7, seems all our patches have now tickled into the main tree. Except the FontManager thing, but this is not required to build Cacio.


2 Responses to Caciocavallo Docs

  1. Rémi Forax says:

    Hi Roman, browsing the API, I’ve found a mistake:
    (Abstract)ManagedWindowContainer.getChildren() return a LinkedList
    and not a List.


  2. Hi Roman, thanks for the ping. I’ve updated the docs link on the web site.

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