Financial crisis solutions

So. In order to solve the financial crisis, german politicians are now considering to give out coupons to increase customer demand. How stupid is that? Sounds like a nice wait to create a (even more serious) financial crisis to me. Oh wait… 🙂

I suppose I should become politician, I’m sure I can think out even more stupid ideas. For example this: We cut the politicians all their salary to, say, what they think should be enough for unemployed persons, that is around 400€ or less. (This should not even hurt the politicians, since they get paid their flights, meals, houses, etc anyway…). Then give this money out to those who really need it for living and for paying their loans. Also, throw away all their bank-rescue-plans. I mean, in good times all the finance people and banks are crying for less state control and more capitalism. Now they want more state control and more socialism? WTF? Let the ill-managed banks go down, give the rescue money to their customers (who don’t deserve to go down with their banks usually), and let the healthy banks (yeah, there are a few…) survive. Evolution should do the rest.

Stupid system that discourages intelligent ideas and encourages greediness in politics. No wonder we have a financial crisis now…


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6 Responses to Financial crisis solutions

  1. Hajdi says:

    Keynesian idea that consumption is the source of wealth is still alive you know. Maybe governments should give away apples to increase consumption. That would solve ill financial sector for sure.


  2. Clemens Eisserer says:

    I’ve heard several talks now about global temperatur rising, the energy crisis we are driving into and how everything will look like if we continue as we do now.

    The financial crisis would be a chance to change that really ill suicide system, but it seems everybody is happy how everything is.
    Instead of trying to drive money into non production sectors (theatre, culture), money is driven again into procuts, which cause resource waste at production.

  3. IMHO they call for different types of ‘socialism'[1]. In the boom they are quite happy to borrow newly-printed money thay recive from central bank. If the risk is nationalised (as it was in USA) it is even better. And it is boom that is the problem – now we have ‘merly’ a clearing of bad investitions.

    As Milton Friedman once said “If you pay people to not work and take money from people who does work, why are you surprised that you have unemployment?”. Today we could say “If you pay money to bancrupting banks why are you surprised that banks buncrupt?”.

    PS. I’m perfectly aware that I’m supporter of small economic school – Austrian.

    [1] Althought I prefere the term capitalism. Socialism could be nice concept (if it was possible and it would not violate human rights…)

  4. I prefer to see it as the first step towards the ubiquitous introduction of citizen’s dividend.

  5. Mario Torre says:

    We are in this stupid situation too, and could not agree more on what you say.

    Even worse, is a political sytem that is completely corrupted, at all the levels, and things don’t easily change. I read about reducing the hours of work so that every one can work, but I don’t read about redistributing the capitals.

    Yeah, maybe it’s a marxism concept, but Socialism is not a bad word, nor was Communism, the problem is the way they were developed. The italian definition of those two words (especially Socialism), is the way to go for me.

  6. Jerry Baldy says:

    I have created a econometric model solution to many if not all aspects of the current financial crisis. To see the model in it’s detail see copyright#TXuooo496588.Upon review if interested in discusing applications and licensing and consulting considerations please contact Jerry Baldy at

    Best Regards,

    Jerry Baldy

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