A pipeline a day…

Yesterday evening I started implementing a Java2D pipeline on top of DirectFB. Today I can already run the full Java2Demo. Yay. I save myself the obligatory screenshots, becomes quite boring as they always look more or less the same. But I must say that I quite like DirectFB. If it was me, X11 could be ditched and free desktops built on top of DirectFB. Very nice and well thought-out API with a surprising lot of stuff in it (OpenGL, video-overlay, alpha-blending, etc, if supported by the provider of course).

Hired by Microsoft

Well. Not quite. But it makes a catching headline, eh? Seriously, a week or so ago, a headhunter from Microsoft wrote me a nice email, referring to my online resume, offering me a couple of jobs (seemingly centered around a company called Musiwave, that suffers the fate of having been assimilated by Microsoft). I answered that I’m not very much interested in those offerings, but if he had something in the Unix/Linux, Free/Open Source Software, Java, etc area, he could send me some pointers. He answered on that, saying he might have jobs for me, if I could send him a CV. Am I the only one seeing a circular thing here? Or is this not quite yet a CV? Anyway, I don’t really care, since I’m not hunting after a job anyway, but it’s still strange.

Will I live tomorrow?

Yesterday, Mitch Mitchell, Ex-drummer of the Jimi Hendrix Experience passed away at the age of 62. Let’s take a minute and listen to I Don’t Live Today. The good thing is, now Jimi and Mitch can play together again :-).

Java2D on VxWorks

Quickly following up on my earlier post, today I’ve got most of the Java2Demo running on VxWorks, using JamaicaVM together with OpenJDK:

It’s not perfect yet, if you look closely you’ll find a lot of glitches. But I find it amazing with how little work it is possible to implement a Java2D backend using the OpenJDK pipeline stuff. All of this only took me about 1 1/2 weeks.

VxWorks graphics, here we come!

It’s a little late, I already did this last week, but the Java2D stack on VxWorks is now good enough to run the SwingSet2 demo:

More screenshot can be found here.