Neil Young in Colmar

Yesterday I saw Neil Young playing in Colmar, France. That was an absolutely awesome concert. He started the set rocking with ‘Love and only Love’ and ‘Hey Hey My My’. It seemed like he had some technical trouble and the sound was a little crappy, at least from my place. But it was loud and rocking anyway. It was probably a little too much for the poor video screen system, which gave up during ‘Hey Hey My My’ :-). At some point he talked to the drummer and was pointing at some unknown thing in the sky. Something seemed to make him happy there. From this point everything was more relaxed, the sound was great and he played a killer version of ‘Cortez’. Then it became clear what he was pointing to: the full moon was rising behind the audience. That was great. He seemed to love that. At some point he started an acoustiv set, which was really good and featured some surprises (‘Wrecking Ball’). He finished the long (2 1/2 hours) concert with another exstatic electric set, starting with two new songs. One of them ‘Sea Change’ he even played twice, just because he and the band liked it so much. Then followed the final showdown with an awesome version of ‘Cowgirl in the Sand’ and a punkrocking ‘Rocking in the Free World’, where they pointed all the spotlights to the 10000 people audience, which went crazy, jumping around and screaming along. During this song I was really worried that this old man could just fall over and die ;-). The encore was a great cover version of ‘A Day In The Life’, where he almost killed his guitar. Poor Old Black…

Before and after the concert I have been chatting to a nice couple, Roman (or Romain) and Lucy (maybe Lucie). I’m a little sad now that I forgot to ask them for address or phone number, they’ve been so nice. It’s probably very unlikely, but in the case that you two read this, please contact me in the comments or by email, it would be so nice to meet you again.

Anonther nice feature of the concert was that they were showing paintings for almost every song. At some point I realized that there was actually a painter behind the drummer, who really created paintings during the concert! Very nice idea.

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Neil Young in Colmar


4 Responses to Neil Young in Colmar

  1. JeScho says:

    Indeed, it actually was the best concert I ever joined [and I joined a lot so far].

    Never seen such an impressing show, he was so authentic!

    Sad, there is no competition currently growing to which I could listen to!

  2. samo says:

    An incredible show. Seeing Neil Young live was something I have been waiting for a long time but I didn’t expect such a performance. Neil Young was really into the songs, getting into amazing guitar solos. The way he deconstructed his guitar live while still playing it really knocked me off. Very glad I got to go for that one

  3. Grainne says:

    Ive been listening to Neil Young for over 20years and this was the first time seeing him live. Absolutely fantastic…. never thought he could be so good at 63 years old and really thrilled that he played a good mix of new songs and the classics that just sounded so good live. Long may you live Neil!!!

  4. Bernhard says:

    Hi, i’ve seen Neil Young in the 80s on the LiveRust Tour…..
    But …
    This concert in Colmar was so much more better…
    In the begining the atmosphere was a little strange but after a few minutes it was realy one of the very best concerts i ever listen to ….
    So we can say that the ‘old’ man has a lot to say to the younger musicians and of course al the other people all over the world.

    Many greetings from France

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