Welcome back to the 80’s

Thanks Dalibor. When writing my last post about nuclear power, I was still completely unaware of the latest news about Tricastin. This is also quite amazing. There are several hundred kilograms of Uranium leaked, but the official are trying to tell us, the risk for health is minimal. Sounds a little like back in 86 to me (ok, that was a different class of accident still, but the pattern sounds familiar still). And suddenly it’s no more 360 kg, but 75kg. I wonder what happened to the other 285kg. I suppose the press department got something on their head from somebody (government? nuke lobbyists?) and suddenly 285kg disappeared. Easy, isn’t it? But the most amazing thing is that the french energy corporation EdF announced today that they plan to build 10(!) new nuclear power plants. Wow. Just wow.

Am I the only one who feels like warped back into the 80’s? Nuclear power. Ugly haircuts. Cold war. Mideast. Can somebody who is not so disconnected to the music scene like me confirm that Micheal Jackson and crazy synth music and the really bad kind of heavy metal is also hip again? I’m quite disappointed, indeed.

Let me close this article with a free interpretation of one of Johnny Cash’s best songs:

Tricastin*, may you rot and burn in hell.
May your walls fall and may I live to tell.
May all the world forget you ever stood.
And may all the world regret you did no good.

(*) Insert other nuclear plants as you see fit. Johnny Cash was actually singing about Saint Quentin, one of the more infamous prisons of USA, but nuke plants seem to fit perfectly here…


2 Responses to Welcome back to the 80’s

  1. Well, the New Kids On The Block are making a comeback …

  2. Stavros Giannouris says:

    And Madonna is still around and touring […]

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