American Bach Soloists on Magnatune

A while ago I was pointed to Magnatune, a cool online record label. I often browse through the catalogue on the search for good music. The cool thing about Magnatune is, you can listen everything and fully online. If you like it, you can buy and choose the price yourself. Then you can download it in all formats, including OGG Vorbis and CD quality FLAC. You are even encouraged to share the files with your friends. I like that.

Lately I found something that I really like alot, the recordings of the American Bach Soloists, especially Bach’s Mass in B minor. I’ve never been much into this kind of music before, so this is like discovering new land for me. I find it really amazing how somebody can sing that way, and how complex this music is, and still perfectly harmonic. Makes me think about values of today. Who would care about sitting down and passionately diving so deep into music to make such incredible piece of art?

Speaking about music, I’ve got tickets for Neil Young in Colmar in August, yay 🙂 I’m glad I’ve not went to see him in March or May this year, that would have cost me a lot more (up to 130€) and would have been several hours from here. Now it costs me less than 50€ and it’s basically around the corner from here. Yuppie! I’m really disappointed by his announcement at JavaOne though. Stupid audio snob. (And I don’t think BlueRay or anything is so much better quality-wise than CD, unless you own a 10000€ hifi and listen at insane volume levels).


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