Neil Young

This guy is always good for a surprise. In the past he has made records in a very wide variety of styles (and still be true to himself). Country, folk, rock, blues, punk, soul, grunge, electro, you name it – and he surely does something completely different. He’s always been very conservative with technology (except some funny experiments in the 80s), insisting on analogue recordings and media whenever possible, etc. Why am I telling you this, and do so on an otherwise Java-centric blog? Well, Neil Young joins Rich Sands Green for a keynote at JavaOne. The article claims that they are going to announce an interesting media project. This sounds really weird. This old analogue fanatic doing some digital multimedia stuff? With Java? OTOH, I really think he must be seriously interested in this, he has never been the guy that you can pay into talking about something which is only interesting for any company. So, this is going to be interesing. I really hope somebody makes a video of it. I wonder what that project is all about? A free replacement for javax.sound? I doubt that Neil Young would have any interest in this. Makes me wonder if all this has anything to do with Mario Torre playing Neil Young at last FOSDEM, while presenting his javax.sound implementation? 😀

On a related note, I will hopefully attend a Neil Young concert this summer (July, 9th) in Oberhausen. Would be fun to meet people there.

To celebrate all this news, I have a Schmankerl for all Neil Young fans and everybody else. I hope the RIAA won’t kill me for this. Here I have for you Sample And Hold. This is a very special and song. (And very unconventional for him. Back then, Geffen Music sued Neil Young over 3 million $$$ for unrepresentative music.) While it seems to hide under a wall of digital sound, it is still one of the most emotional and touching songs. It is about his heavily disabled son, trying to learn stuff on some machines. This version is the LP version, on the CD they released a completely different mix (but I like the LP version a lot more). After all this news, I wouldn’t be surprised if Neil Young released a techno or industrial album this year :-D.

Keep on Rocking In the Free World!! Yay!

About Roman Kennke
JVM Hacker, Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat's OpenJDK team, Shenandoah GC project lead, Java Champion

2 Responses to Neil Young

  1. I am afraid it will not be Rich Sands, but Rich Green. Sorry, Rich Sands!

  2. roman says:

    Thanks Mark, fixed.

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