AWT on Swing

Today I discovered to my surprise, that the X peers of OpenJDK also use Swing as painting backend for its widgets (as opposed to the Motif peers that use Motif or Lesstif or whatever). Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be done in a very reusable way (==hardcoded in the X peers), as I did with my own Swing peers in GNU Classpath. I mean, it is really nice to have this reusable, because then, implementing a new backend for AWT is basically only implementing the top level components and graphics stack. I wonder, if these could be merged somehow, i.e. the reusability of my Swing peers with the completeness of OpenJDKs X peers. Hmmm, this would have been another nice proposal for the OpenJDK Innovators Challenge….

Have I been hacked?

Today I was notified by Google that they took one of my blog pages off their index. The reason was that this entry contained some hidden content which referred to suspicious sites about ViAgrA, whatever that is ;-). I cleaned this up quickly, and checked the database for more such stuff, but it seems only one blog entry was affected.

But this leaves me slightly nervous. This was not the usual spam comment. It was a modified blog entry. I wonder how that could happen. I usually keep my system up-to-date with regard to security patches (it’s a Debian box), have rkhunter and other tools running in cron jobs, etc. How is it possible that somebody sneaks in content in a blog post (XSS attack?)? The only thing I can think of is that there has been a vulnerability in WordPress, and it got passed in during the time window until I updated the box (every couple of days usually). I’m still worried. If anybody has some hints what might have happened, and how I can be sure there’s no other weird things going on my box, please comment.

OpenJDK patches

It seems like my criticism @FOSDEM has been heard. Since the OpenJDK repositories have opened up, I see much more traffic on the mailing lists. This includes code reviews, commit messages and everything. Very nice.

Lately, I posted a polished version of an older patch, and just now it has been commited by Alan. That was quick. Seems like OpenJDK is on the right way 🙂


Last sunday I took Mario and went to a funny concert of Neoangin in Karlsruhe. Neoangin is an amazing artist. He is also known as Jim Avignon (Neoangin is his musical incarnation, and Jim Avignon is his artistical incarnation). He’s making mostly electronical music with a small keyboard and a mini-disc player, and sings to this. Of course he also creates the stage decoration himself. He sells his CDs for 5€/copy and on the cover it explicitly states that everybody’s free to copy the CD as he likes. So I uploaded one song that I particulary like, the Land Of Banality. Enjoy!

Neoangin Tour 2008