Axiom M3 speakers on Super T amp

Last time I wrote about the Super T amp, I had some problems with my old speakers. Well, it turned out that it wasn’t the speakers’ fault. I only had my volume too high on my laptop line out (headphone out infact, this is the problem), driving the amp into distortion. Setting them to  ~70% solved the problem. The improvement from my old amp to the Super T amp with the old speakers already was impressive. But…

Some days after christmas I finally received my new speakers after some smaller problems with the german duty office (Axiom quickly helped out and refunded the ~70€ I payed too much). I quickly wired them to the amp and put on on of the CDs from that Radiohead box I received as present. Gosh! What sound is that? It’s like the band is playing right in my living room 😉

During the last 2 weeks I re-listened a couple of albums. The amp/speakers combo really shines in all respects. The sound is super clean, it reproduces perfectly what’s on the disc. It has stompy bass (awesome for such little amp and speakers), and very clear mids and trebles. However, the best feature is probably it’s balancedness. It simply doesn’t get in the way of the music. It has remarkably good drive even for serious rock albums, but where it really shines IMO is quiet acoustic music (like Anouar Brahem, Beck’s ‘Sea Change’ or Björks ‘Vespertine’) and well recorded classical music. And listening such multi-layered music like Radiohead is just awesome now. (I mean, even more awesome than it was before 😉 ).

Find more good reviews of the amp here and here, and for the speakers here, here and here. Short version: you can’t do anything wrong for the <$500 that this setup costs. It delivers audiophile sound reproduction at a fraction of what you’d pay for comparable high-end equipment.

On a side note, I wasn’t lucky enough to get tickets for neither Neil Young nor Radiohead in Europe. Well, that saved me some serious money (~130€ for Neil and ~50€ for Radiohead). I spent this on the Radiohead ‘In Rainbows’ disc box before they are sold out too…


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