Super T amp

Yesterday I received my Super T amp from the US. Of course, I tried it out in the evening to see if it holds up to what all those raving reviews say. So I connected this amp to my old cheap speakers and – was quite disappointed. Now I don’t think that this is the fault of the amp. This poor little device only powers out a maximum of 15W (probably only 5-7W cleanly), so you can’t connect any speaker to it. My old speakers are particulary bad because they have a very inefficient subwoofer that needs some more Watts to respond at all. So the sound was relatively squeaky. According to what I read on the internet, this amp needs quite efficient speakers, anything >88db on 1Watt and 1meter should be ok. So I ordered a pair of Axiom M3 speakers. They do 92db, this should be more than enough, and they got a lot of great reviews too. I hope they will arrive before christmas.

However, beyond the speaker problems, the amp offered a level of richness in the details that was really impressive for the price of ~$150. I was able to hear details that I never mentioned before. It’s like you can hear the fingers touching the strings even. I guess this is not always for the good, for example when you have a badly produced or badly played recording, this amp will not be as forgiving as other amps in this price class. This is just as pointless as watching a crap movie on high definition TV. I am really looking forward to the new speakers now and will write up my experiences then.


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