The Patent Wars

apprently have begun. Red Hat and Novell have been sued by ‘IP Innovation’ (HAHA) for infringing on ‘their’ parent (it’s really a Xerox patent that they only bought) on virtual desktops. I wonder, why Red Hat and Novell (and not, for example, Sun, IBM, etc). It’s these two companies that showed a very strong position against and for Microsoft’s patent deals. I wouldn’t be surprised if Novell gets help by their big brother, while Red Hat doesn’t. That would serve well to show what a good idea it is to make dirty deals with Microsoft, and drive more weaklings into the ‘protecting’ hands of M$, whose only goal is to control the market.

I do hope that this will wake up the army and make M$ and/or the broken patent system shut up once and for all. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


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