Erosion of freedom

It all started around around 9/11 I think. From that point on, politicians systematically try to erode people’s freedom. The latest twists here in Germany is to include biometrics data in your passports and probably soon in your idendity card. This is going much too far for my taste. What’s next up? Small GPS chips so that you can be tracked, ‘just in case’ (not that most people do something like that voluntarily by having such things in their mobile and car)? What if I decline to renew my ID card when it’s expired (Luckily, my ID card is brand new and I have another 10 years, but I guess they will make up a whole lot of other things in the meantime.)? Will this make me an outlaw? I think I’d not be the only one.  O man, all this feels more and more like ‘1984’ or ‘Brave New World’. Then all those public discussions about legalizing wiretapping and all that. I mean, I don’t have much illusions that they are doing this anyway, but writing it down in law is a whole other story.

I so hope that more and more people wake up from their sheep-life and don’t accept anything that comes from the politics anymore. Has the general public become too lazy for a little revolt?


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4 Responses to Erosion of freedom

  1. for a little revolt, there is always §129a. 😉

  2. c.f. great podcast from chaosradio on the subject of surveillance in germany, with someone who got dragged into a §129a surveillance effort, and had to deal with the BKA storming his place, taking away all his gear, and taking down notes if/when he slept with his girlfriend with or without the lights on.

    And there is an excellent public speech from a lawyer of andrey h. (the gentrification sociologist who was intelligent enough to use libraries, and accordingly presumably a terrorist) linked over from a couple of days ago.

  3. I wonder why you are (in Europe ) vote for the creation of your own Soviet Union called EU. Your “Soviet Union” already did all mistakes USSR did – even war in Afganistan!

  4. Anony Mous says:

    Our two leading parties in this country are both trying to outdo each other in who can support the most wiretapping, internet snooping and secret detention centers and whatever. All you outside the US, rest assured that there are some Americans who are very unhappy about all this, but we don’t have much of a voice in mainstream politics these days. Fortunately in this election, there is a pro-freedom candidate running: Ron Paul. But aside from that, the pro-freedom movement here has no political voice.

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