This is not my country

It’s simply embarassing when a german party makes a public request to be allowed to deny the Holocaust and publicly advertise their hate to homosexuals and foreigners, arguing that this would all be freedom of speech. I mean well, ok, it probably IS freedom of speech, but it’s simply embarassing. Those who like to see themselves as patriots are the exact opposite, they are damaging out country in the public like nobody else, well except maybe their idol Hitler. I’m pretty sure they confuse patriots with idiots. I’d like to be proud to be german, I even try sometimes, but it just doesn’t work.


3 Responses to This is not my country

  1. The additional layer of irony is that NPD’s leadership apparently largely consists of undercover state police agents, as the failed attempt to shut them down in 2003 showed.

  2. lillian says:

    There is a difference between hate crime and free speech. While technically it is free speech, it is illegal (in Canada at least) to participate in hate crimes. I would hope/think this falls under that category.

  3. roman says:

    Lillian: Actually, the point is, this is free speech. but there’s also a rule that the human dignity is inviolable, and when in doubt, the latter rules out the first.
    Dalibor: Yeah right. It would also be interesting to see how many policemen are regular members of that party. And, in my opinion, this request alone should be enough to shut them down (see above).

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