My new portable OGG player

A couple of days ago I received a new gadget that I’ve been looking for for a long time. A nice little portable OGG player. It doesn’t do a whole lot of things, I mean I cannot make phone calls, watch videos or play games with it, but it does exactly what I want (play OGG Vorbis files), has 1G of flash memory and was relatively cheap (35€ on ebay). The sound qualitly is quite good and the battery seems to last long enough for longer journeys even. Recommended.

While looking for such a device I searched a couple of stores for OGG players, without much hope that anybody would even understand what OGG is. I was surprised that OGG playing capabilities are even advertised by mainstream stores nowadays. I think that has not been the case one or two years ago.


One Response to My new portable OGG player

  1. Brian Kemp says:

    Please note that Ogg is a multimedia container and is not an acronym, so only the O is capitalized.

    Vorbis is the codec that your new player can handle.

    As a result, you have a new Vorbis player. I’m glad to see more on the market these days.

    (I will often say Ogg Vorbis myself. It helps when dealing with nontechnical people; to be correct it is simply Vorbis.)

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