While evaluating some possibilities for a new (top secret still 😉 ) project in which I’ll participate, I came over OpenBayes. This is a free implementation of Bayesian Decision Networks in Python. (BTW the bayesian spam filters are only slightly related to that, the filters are much simpler). This is a little like a closing circle for me. I was working with bayesian networks back in the beginning of my study, and even started an implementation in Java (but haven’t come that far with it). Later I leant the Python programming language in which I implemented a Knowledge Tracking application, which I even implemented in J2EE before. Re-implementing this in Python was so much easier I can tell you.

Anyway, I came back to Java programming soon, now hacking in J2SE library and Java VMs for some years already. I’m looking forward to this new project, which basically pulls together most of my past experiences. And I will hack in Python again, yay! This is going to be an interesting challenge…


About Roman Kennke
JVM Hacker, Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat's OpenJDK team, Shenandoah GC project lead, Java Champion

2 Responses to OpenBayes

  1. Did you have any success with this project? From what I can tell, Openbayes is now an orphan. 😦

  2. roman says:

    Unfortuntely not. Too bad, it looked promising. If I really need it, I might pick it up though.

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