US weapons in the middle east?

Smells like a bad deal. Isn’t the middle east explosive enough? Or is it just that some US polititians want to make some more money via their favorite weapon manufacturer? Corrupt bastards…

In other news, the NATO proposes smaller bombs for the afghani to get more support from the people. That almost sounds like a joke. ‘Hey see, we are your friendly NATO bombers. We throw smaller bombs on your cities now.’

On a similar note. I remember a german polition (don’t remember who it was) saying, what the terrorists really fear aren’t more soldiers, bombs and weapons (in fact, they welcome all this, because it feeds their propaganda quite well), but teachers and schools. There’s nothing I can add to this.


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JVM Hacker, Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat's OpenJDK team, Shenandoah GC project lead, Java Champion

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