.. I got linked on the frontpage. Wow. And somebody has linked a whole bunch of older posts into and even bother to make a small icon for me. Am I famous now? 😉 Ok, seriously. I enjoyed all those good comments, as well as one really moron-ish^Whumorous comment (duh. I have a real life, man! but I really shouldn’t answer to such stupidity.). The general consensus seems to be that an open Mercurial repo would help alot. That is my opinion too. I’m sure this is beeing worked on. From this point it has to be seen if it is worth to setup some processes to make code flowing from the community to OpenJDK less painful.

(BTW, the best comment I received offline via private email from Christopher Oliver – sorry Chris I gotta quote that – “Perhaps, if you worked for Sun that would remove a lot of those stumbling blocks. ” Hehe, right. That would probably help me, but not the community at large. But yeah, this is a little out of context and I probably shouldn’t quote from private email anyway.)

Back to real life, today I hacked and cleaned up Escher’s image handling (still no idea about XYPixmaps though) and implemented VolatileImage and DataBuffer on Pixmap and ZPixmap (server vs. client side images in X, respectively). This is an important step forward for the Escher peers. Now I only need to think up some cool tricks to do that for BITMASK and TRANSLUCENT VolatileImages and BufferedImages too, which ain’t that easy because (plain) X doesn’t support translucency for itself.


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