These days

.. I’m working on a couple of things in parallel:

On one front I’m trying to provide a replacement for the graphics rasterizer in OpenJDK. As far as I can see to this point, the rasterizer I implemented for GNU Classpath should be fine for a start. I offered this to OpenJDK, but there seem to be a couple of legal and organizational hurdles to take. I am discussing how to best solve these issues and move forward with the code. It looks like going through the copyright grantback procedure with the FSF for the code in question is hard to avoid. In the meantime, Jim from the Java2D team has factored out a preliminary interface for the rasterizer, and Mark Reinhold offered to provide early read-only VCS access to the Java2D workspace. Thanks!

Then I am working on integrating the OpenJDK class library into the JamaicaVM. It turned out that the package-after-package approach is much more painful than expected, due to massivly intertwined dependencies. I even spotted a couple of places where private methods in ‘alien’ packages are called via reflection (urgs). I wonder how that went through QA, and I wonder what happens when one such method changes… Anyway, with the release of IcedTea I switched to importing all classes at once, with the help of the IcedTea classes this was surprisingly painless. Now I’m working with my collegues to get the native things done. So far we found that they even have some kind of VM/native interface in place, at least for the classes that I looked at so far. Basically, platform dependend syscalls are abstracted out as JVM_* functions. I hope to get a HelloWorld running this week.

Related to the OpenJDK/JamaicaVM porting work, I am working to get the Classpath GTK peers, and the other AWT backends in Jamaica to work with the JDK. The biggest problem here seem to be the differences in Image and Font handling, which are abstracted out in a backend-independent way in GNU Classpath, but seem to be implemented rather monolithically in OpenJDK. Dunno how to solve that. It might be possible to use the OpenJDK implementations when the encumbered pieces in the font and graphics rasterizer are solved. So far I think we have to go with a bunch of GNU Classpath classes in java.awt.***.

About Roman Kennke
JVM Hacker, Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat's OpenJDK team, Shenandoah GC project lead, Java Champion

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