Escher by numbers

I did some preliminary and very simplistic benchmarks with the current development version of Escher vs. the released version 0.2.3.

The benchmark is doing 1,000,000 operations per run (e.g. 1,000,000 lines or rectangles) with random color and random coordinates.

This is measured using JDK6 Hotspot VM.

Test SVN Local SVN TCP 0.2.3 TCP
lines 6765 7938 9291
rects 6812 8274 9363
fill rects 58072 59625 113316

For comparison, the following is measured with JamVM:

Test SVN Local SVN TCP 0.2.3 TCP
lines 31992 35851 232868
rects 32240 36250 232809
fill rects 59171 59746 231549

Update : I’ve written an equivalen benchmark for AWT and did a test on JDK6:

lines 6240 ms
rects 6332 ms
fill rects 44512

That’s still slightly better than Escher, but pretty close already. With some more protocol enhancements and the usage of NIO, there is hope that Escher can catch up with JDK6 performance though.


2 Responses to Escher by numbers

  1. roman says:

    Small update: removing the synchronization boosts performance on JamVM to 27850/28133/59310 ms. It doesn’t really do much on Sun’s JDK6.

  2. Clemens Eisserer says:

    It would be interesting how much time is spent inside the application itself and how much is “lost” in kernel and xorg.

    lg Clemens

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