Looking for an amp

Now my hifi amplifier is starting to fall apart, after 10 years of use (and it was certainly already 10-15 years old back then). I’m looking for a replacement now. It:

  • Should deliver a warm and natural sound.
  • Should not be too expensive. Although it is not required to be at the low end of the scale either.
  • Is not required to be the newest high tech product. Actually I only need something rather minimal, like input for turntable and DVD/CD player, a volume knob and speaker out ;-). No fance dolby surround and all that stuff. A good sound is much more important to me. I can go very well with something used from ebay.
  • Doesn’t have to be ultra loud or so. Well ok, it should be loud enough for some serious rock and roll record, but still, that is only for the living room and most amps are loud enough for that anyway 😉

So if anybody has a good suggestion, please comment below.


Cat Power – The Covers Record

Yesterday I received that LP from Chan Marshall aka Cat Power. Now that is really an interesting piece. It’s a record full of cover versions (hence the title), for example of the Rolling Stones or Bob Dylan. But certainly not the usual kind. Listening to the record you wouldn’t recognize any one of the songs easily. It seems like Chan only took the lyrics of the songs and turned them into her own. That is, only she, singing, and playing piano or guitar. All this in her typical minimalistic style. On some songs she seems to only play 2 or 3 notes. And still, while the music is very quiet, it’s still enourmously intense. The good old ‘I can’t get no satisfaction’ comes along as a calm folk ballad gem. Amazing.