These days

… things are trodding along quite nicely. I have one and a half week to go for my thesis (yuckie!) and I’m almost done. I have made myself a kind of plan to write at least four pages a day (to avoid this exponential growth effect at the end) and it seems that this is not too hard. At least, for the past 2 weeks I managed to stick to this.

Last week my car f***ed up a little, which was quite annoying. It turned out that the starter went bonkers and wouldn’t start the car anymore, so today I changed it (or let it change) and now it’s tucking again.

On the weekend, we collected lots of Ransoms, which is only growing a couple of weeks in the spring here (now) and tastes very fine. We already made some pesto of it and butter. Yummie. Also, we found out that Dandelion is actually quite good for salad. I think I am getting closer and closer to be a complete vegetarian.

On friday I will have a small trip to Zurich, which I am quite excited about. I’ve never been there and it’s said to be a nice town.


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