Recursive Dream

Hmm, you know the confusion when waking up from the middle of a dream and suddenly finding yourself in a strange place (like your living room)? You probably can imagine how I felt this afternoon when I woke up from one dream and shortly afterwards waking up again. I don’t know exactly how deeply nested this recursive dream was, but it was certainly more than once. Weird. Has anybody experienced something like this before?


3 Responses to Recursive Dream

  1. Mario says:

    I’ve felt this sometime. It is really strange, and not always a nice experience. Sometimes I have such dreams, associated to recurring dreams (can you imagine? A recursive recurring dream!) in which I know I’m just dreaming, but I cannot open my eyes and wake up, I feel a heavy somnolence. Then I manage somewhat to wake up, but I’m really in just another dream. When it happens that I remember these “nested” dream (or recursive) I continue to feel this somnolence and an oppressive shadow of impotence wrap me all around. It usually takes some time and a lot of coffee to restore myself…

  2. Many people have experienced this before 🙂 It’s called a false awakening ( ). It can be quite disturbing. I have to say I don’t know if more than one level of “dream within a dream” is possible, but who knows 🙂

  3. Rainer says:

    I remember a few, rather rare situations where i’ve stumbled upon such phenomenon. But i also remember that my reaction was just moderately confused. There was another similar situation, that finally left me really distracted: There was a very unpleasing situation in a dream, where i was persecuted by someone on a motorbike while i was only on foot. it was an area of maize fields and so until this moment i’ve got it made to flee him through the fields. Now he came around a corner, and while he nearly got me, i mentioned that the situation was very unfair. In the same moment i noticed that it was a dream, and so i called out loud to this guy: \

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