This week

.. so far:

  • I’ve finally managed to get a JOGL Demo running AOT-compiled on JamaicaVM. Performance is now comparable to Sun’s JDK, with the added benefit of realtime GC behaviour. Yay!
  • I wrote quite a lot on my thesis. I’m pretty good in my time plan and am quite certain to have it finished on april 1st.
  • My girlfriend and I were watching a TV movie (we very rarely do this, only a couple of times a year), about WW2 refugees from eastern preussian, which was especially interesting to me, because my grandparents were also from there. It’s hard for me to imagine what they must have gone through, walking >1000km through a freaking cold winter, beeing in constant danger of beeing attacked by both the red army and even the german wehrmacht, hunger, rape and all that. I wish they’d still be alive so they could tell me first hand. I really should get up and write my aunt in Berlin, who is the last still-alive relative who was there.
  • I learned about F3. Which is really an interesting project. Or at least, will be when it’s going public.
  • A couple of interesting things have been moving regarding my future job situation. But I won’t tell you.. šŸ˜‰

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