JOGL on Jamaica

I’m excited to have a first Jogl demo working on the JamaicaVM. That was a bit of a fight though, JOGL seems quite demanding on a couple of edges. I had to fix dynamic library loading (not something that Jamaica was designed for), implement the direct byte buffer JNI functions (missing so far), fix some issues with GNU Classpath’s AWT (I’m checking this in soon) as well as the GTK peers (basically getting rid of the NSA stuff in there), fix a couple of more issues in the VM (especially that super large GL interface and the impementing class caused some headaches, or should I say segfaults…). Here’s the obligatory screenshot (nothing fancy, but still). Thanks go to Torsten, Fridjof and Ingo for helping here and there.

Ah, and I must add that JOGL 1.1 is a little stupid. It get’s hold of some Sun internal JDK class (I guess) via reflection to access attributes of the X implementation. That’s pretty stupid on a non-Sun VM. Especially since there is JAWT for things like that. I should really file a bug before they ship that crap.

JOGL on JamaicaVM


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