Bits and pieces of today

So Ballmer is concerned about IP theft? Maybe he should look at his company for a start, which is probably by far the greatest IP thief. Only thinking about the biggies like GUI (from Apple), DOS (from UNIX), MSN search (from Google), .NET (from Sun), IE (from Netscape) etc. I think the list is endless and MS barely invented anything significant themselves. Well except maybe for the clippy 🙂

VB.NET for Linux? Cute. I wouldn’t use it anyways. Still nice to have the choice. (Incredible that anybody is using BASIC these days still, but oh well). Now that Java is going to be liberated, I think that Java is the better plaftform choice hands down anyway.
In other far more important news (;-) ) my interpreter has now reached the 40% mark wrt performance improvement compared to the beginning of this project (Dacapo run 5159secs before vs. 3128secs now). And no, the -funswitch-loops flag didn’t work out as expected. To my big surprise, I discovered today that the binary of the threaded interpreter is not only much faster than the switch-interpreter, it’s also somewhat smaller. Shouldn’t it be bigger? I mean, there is the dispatch code at the end of each BC handler (compared to one small piece of dispatch code at the beginning of the loop)? I guess the compiler does some wild trickery here (I really gotta look at the generated assembly). Really unfortunate that label-pointer-gotos are a GCC specific thingy. Anybody who knows how to implement a threaded interpreter with MS-C, please enlighten me (‘naked’ functions come to mind, as well as assembly hackery, both of which feels somewhat unconfortable to me) (on the more exotic stuff that I have here I think I better don’t ask 😉 )!

What else there is? Today I received a nice package, 4 LPs from Neil Young for 10€! Nice deal indeed. And interesting music. The LP version of Sample and Hold simply blows the socks off. A guitar-techno-rock-vocoder maelstrom (dunno how else to decribe this), hiding and exposing (at the same time) NY’s emotions with respect to his disabled son. Unbelievable that the record company later decided to put a different (comparably boring) version on the CD version. Ah and funny side story: the same record company sued him for ‘unrepresentative music’ for 3 million dollars back then 🙂 I guess NY didn’t find that funny, but it triggered an interesting series of LPs, including a (pink!) rockabilly LP, a western style LP, more synthie crap, and a (presumably) Blues Brothers inspired LP (This note’s for you!). All this effort only to say ‘Fuck You!’. Nice.

Ok, preparing for FOSDEM now. I’ll be there on Friday 17:00. I’m really looking forward to this! Let there be rock!


About Roman Kennke
JVM Hacker, Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat's OpenJDK team, Shenandoah GC project lead, Java Champion

One Response to Bits and pieces of today

  1. David Fu says:

    Too bad I can’t join you guys there, but I’m sure you all will have a great time! GO FOSDEM 😉

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