I think I’ll really revive that old project of mine now. I cleaned up the CVS a little for a start. And in order to show that I am serious I also fixed one of the three reported bugs.

The short term goal would be of course to close the other two bugs too and then push out a release. This shouldn’t be too hard really, except that I have no idea yet, how to open any kind of file on MaxOSX. I’d need something like gnome-open for Gnome or kfmclient exec for KDE, which simply takes a file path as argument and tries to open that file according to its mime type. Help from MacOSX experts is greatly appreciated here.

The long term goals/ideas for (which would make up a 2.0 release when I come this far) are:

  • Replace the RTF stuff with HTML internally. This would greatly ease the usage of the right hand side description panes and allow to insert hyperlinks to 1. other nodes in the tree, 2. any web page or file system resource (yay!).
  • Re-integrate the hypertree support for much nicer navigation inside the tree view. However this is a patented technology and would be optional and not hard linked as long as that patent hasn’t expired.
  • Support printing.
  • Improve import/export functionality.

Xebece screenshot


About Roman Kennke
JVM Hacker, Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat's OpenJDK team, Shenandoah GC project lead, Java Champion

2 Responses to Xebece!

  1. csm says:

    OS X has the “open” command-line program; I don’t know about gnome-open, but it sounds like it does about the same thing, except it uses the OS X file/application mappings.

    I use open all the time; e.g. “open some-file.html” == opens some-file.html in Safari.

  2. Michel Salim says:

    “open” is your friend. I don’t have a Mac anymore, but I believe it takes an optional switch -a followed by the application name if you want to open it with something other than the default application, but otherwise “open filename” will just work.

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