What a week

Phew. That was the last exam today. Never ever will I sit in that room and write an exam again :-). I still can’t believe that this chapter is finally coming to an end. This means that I am now going full steam to finish the diploma thesis and then I’m FREE! Right now I feel quite exhausted though, I think I’ll take a weekend off to get some energy…


4 Responses to What a week

  1. Dave Gilbert says:

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Dmitri Trembovetski says:

    Congratulations! By taking a weekend off you mean “finishing up the WindML” stuff? =)


  3. roman says:

    Hehehe. Well, really no, although tempting. But I’m taking some time for my wife and 1 1/2 kids these days.
    I’m somewhat stuck atm with WindML. I contacted the driver vendor and it turned out that my assumption was right. This feature ‘copy video-ram to video-ram’ is simply not yet implemented. I’m hoping that they’ll fix this next week. Interestingly (and strangely), none of the different boxes with different GPUs and drivers I have here seem to have implemented that.

  4. Dmitri Trembovetski says:

    Chris who’s working on the OpenGL pipeline can tell you all kinds of stories about drivers. Same with D3D, especially with the older boards..


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