Fuck your Brain

My time at university is coming to an end. This means that my accounts there will be deleted anytime soon. At the very beginning of my study me and a friend have put together some webpages (in german) dedicated to the wonderful programming language Brainfuck. I relocated these pages to have a new home on my server.

It is the smallest (I think) Turing complete language, it only has 8 opcodes. This means that you can solve all solvable problems using only 8 opcodes. 😉 The smallest interpreter for this language is only 140 Bytes(!) small (written in C64 (6502) assembly language). If you are a die-hard computer scientists, this will certainly be fun for you. If there is interest, I will rework these pages to be in english and more extensive maybe. Of course there are the inevitable HelloWorld and a Quine (program that prints out itself). You can try out the language right now using the JavaScript based online interpreter.

Just now I finished my last two mandatory (well, semi-mandatory) exams, leaving me with one completely optional exam tomorrow (will do this as a safety guard) and my diploma thesis. Yay! Today it was all about internet programming (JSP and servlets) and XML. Pretty cheap low hanging fruit this.


One Response to Fuck your Brain

  1. The smallest Turing-complete programming language out to be Iota – it has just two symbols!

    If you are interested in such things, you might want to check out the “Pathological Programming” part of “Good Math, Bad Math”:


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