Evolution Spam Filtering, BufferedImage again

Dear lazyweb. I am wondering how the spam filtering in evolution is supposed to work, as for me, it doesn’t. I have patiently marked all incoming spam as spam and non-spam as non-spam (which was easy, as never any single email got sorted out as spam so far). I am using two IMAP mailboxes. Does the spam filter not work on those? After all I think it would have to download all the mail body in order to filter it. But then again, I think evolution should tell me so, and not let me sort all my emails for weeks without any filtering. So, does spam filtering in evolution only work on POP or local boxes? Do I have to tweak some configuration option? Do I need any additional software besides spamassassin?

On a completely different note, I was slightly wrong with my last picture of the inner workings of BufferedImage. Dmitri from Sun’s Java2D team was so kind to explain in detail how this is supposed to work and how it works in their implementation (thanks Dmitri). Having two buffers and syncing them is supposedly not the way to go. My intention with this has been that we would have only one rendering engine doing all the rendering, but this is probably wishful thinking. If I understood Dmitri correctly there are (at least) 3 renderers for Java2D in Sun’s impl, one HW accelerated for Windows and VolatileImages, and 2 software renderers for BufferedImages (one generic and one with specialized impls for the known formats).

For Classpath this means that we should drop the two buffer scheme, let Cairo do what it can do (basically RGB and ARGB) and do the rendering on the remaining formats through the Java based renderer (which is suprisingly effective after my tweaking, but of course by far not as effective as a C based renderer could be, because in C I can access memory much faster without bounds checking etc). Hopefully soon we are able to utilize Sun’s implementations for the BufferedImage. Can’t wait to dig into this 🙂


2 Responses to Evolution Spam Filtering, BufferedImage again

  1. Laurent says:

    Spamassassin never filter any of my spam under evolution. Try bogofilter instead of (Be sure to disable spamassassin plugin). Mark at least one message as spam and one as ham to initialize it and after a little training you’ll be set. I’m using this at home and at work and 99% of my spam are now filtered

  2. Hewitt says:

    Spam Filtering may reduce the number of spams for a short while but you cant say that it is an ultimate solution to Spamming. The reason is that the Spammers are aware of these filtering techniques whether it is Filtering with BogoFire, Spamassasin or some other. There are many websites available that are providing the information on Anti-Spamming Solutions but most of this information is either irrelevant or not useful. I have recently visited a website which is
    Spamming Info Website
    which contains useful information regarding Spam Filtering as well as all other kind of Spams that are used.

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