Today I found this gem on /. (must be the needle in the hay). This is simply ridiculous: Having an XML tag (or attribute, whatever) named autoSpaceLikeWord95 with the explanation: To faithfully replicate this behavior, applications must imitate the behavior of that application, which involves many possible behaviors and cannot be faithfully placed into narrative for this Office Open XML Standard. If applications wish to match this behavior, they must utilize and duplicate the output of those applications. Eh what? This is about to go into some kind of ‘official standard’? WTF?
And that is not the only one. This (6000 pages) spec seems to be full of it. I agree with the above article: This is not a specification; this is a DNA sequence.

*Laughing my ass off*. Oh wait, this is actually not funny. :-/


One Response to autoSpaceLikeWord95

  1. Poor Novell, now they’ll have to port Word95 to Linux to implement OpenXML faithfully.

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